Verde Canyon Railroad

Verde Canyon Railroad

Sedona Arizona offers its guests ample opportunity to explore the great outdoors. One of the best ways to experience the majestic beauty of the Red Rocks is on foot; walking one of the many hiking trails in and around the area.

The Coconino National Park is one of the most diverse National Parks in the country. Acres of pristine forests and rock buttes surround Sedona making access to the trails as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Taking a railway trip can be a relaxing and educational way to take in some scenic views while on vacation. For the Sedona vacationer, being able to experience the amazing natural landscape that surrounds the city, is an absolute must. Not only is the city of Sedona beautifully equipped with world class art galleries, shops, theatres and restaurants, it has one of nature’s finest back yards.

Just outside of Sedona, AZ lies the amazing Coconino National Forest. This well kept park offers undisturbed habitats for many native species of wild birds, animals, flora and fauna. Close by, the neighboring Verde Canyon extends and diversifies this natural habitat. Although there are several methods of exploring the Coconino National Forest via hiking or mountain biking trails, jeep tours or horseback rides, there is one option above all others to view the Verde Canyon and that is by railway.

The Verde Canyon Railway tour starts in Clarksdale located a short 22 miles outside of Sedona. The trail departs most days at 1pm and returns at 5pm however there are certain days when there are two trains scheduled providing 9am and 2:30pm departures. The railway tour itself takes approximately 4 hrs from Clarksdale to the ghost ranch of Perkinsville and back.

Along the way, rail tour guests are treated to wildlife sightings such as the majestic bald eagle as well as black hawks, blue herons and depending on the season, deer, javelina, and antelope. The entire railway tour is expertly narrated so that details of the Sinagua Indian ruins of 600 A.D. that are passed as well as the history of the mining community are not missed along the way.

Booking a Verde Canyon Railway tour is an excellent way to celebrate a special occasion for singles or groups of travelers. Birthday parties, wedding parties, company retreats or educational tours are events that can be hosted on board. We would be happy to help you plan your canyon expedition.

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