Pink Jeep Tours

Pink Jeep Tours

One of the most exciting ways to experience the Sedona backcountry is definitely in a 4WD jeep. These rugged vehicles were designed to travel in out of the way places, off the beaten track. The area around Sedona, AZ is primarily made up of red rock canyons and buttes as well as some ponderosa pine stands of the Coconino National Forest. Contained within this parkland lies many secrets of the geology and history of the area.

The original settlers of the Sedona area have left behind many clues and artifacts hidden amongst the red rocks. These cliff dwellings of the Sinagua people, such as Tuzigoot Pueblo and Montezuma’s Castle are easily accessible on a jeep tour. The Tuzigoot Pueblo and the Montezuma castle stem from around 1100 AD and are outstanding examples of the early life of some of Sedona’s first inhabitants. The Montezuma castle in particular is considered to be on of the finest preserved cliff dwellings in the Southwest and is over five stories high with 20 rooms.

A 4wd adventure tour, led by skillful, experienced drivers can give you a unique perspective of the Sedona backcountry. Different jeep tours are available for different levels of adventure seekers. Steep switchbacks, rocky precipices or casual rocky tours have been designed to meet the needs of all Sedona vacationers. The experienced tour guides and jeep drivers will able to assist you in choosing the correct jeep tour to suit your needs. Expert photography hints as well as all the best views are yours at no extra cost. Book your tour today to capture an amazing sunset, take photographs that will be cherished forever or simply reach parts of the red rock canyon that would have otherwise been untouchable. A Sedona jeep tour is simply one of the best vacation adventures in the area.

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